About KAI Consulting:

KAI was originally founded in 1995 as an Information Technology services and training firm. Since 1999, the KAI founder has focused on delivering business and technology services exclusively to healthcare domain clients of all sizes.

The KAI team of advisers represents a broad range of experiences and expertise covering many healthcare business, medical device and technology disciplines.

Service Providers:

KAI is pleased to work with and represent the following services partners.

Massat Media, LLC. – Crystal Lake, IL
Mary Beth Massat, mbmassat@massatmedia.com: Mary Beth provides marketing and media relations services to healthcare IT, informatics and imaging vendors.

BWA – Falcon, CO
Bob Withers, CISSP, BWithers@kaiconsulting.com: Bob provides IT & security training services to a wide range of clients and industries. All healthcare related consulting services are delivered exclusively through KAI.

ITG Healthcare, LLC. – Murfreesburo, TN
John Galasso, JGalasso@kaiconsulting.com : John provides healthcare IT, informatics and imaging technology sales and marketing support services through KAI.

Rollins Group, LLC – Larkspur, CO
Drew Di Giovanni: Drew provides business advisory services to ambulatory and acute healthcare providers.

MRDS – Shelton, CT
Pete Altman: Pete provides quality systems and regulatory advisory services, including support for FDA related activities through KAI. He specializes in informatics & imaging related services.

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